WhiteCap VOC Block Crawl Space Liner is a revolutionary 7 layer reinforced vapor barrier that was designed by chemists to address emerging health concerns in the home. Crawl space encapsulation with heavy duty reinforced plastic liners successfully stopped moisture and odors, but did very little to stop harmful gases and VOC's from entering the home. That is why WhiteCap VOC Block Crawl Space Liner is so essential as it provides all of the benefits that WhiteCap Premium and Standard do, but also stops soil gases, like Radon, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from entering the home when installed properly.

What is in the soil below my home?

What exists in the soil below your home varies by region. These range from Radon to benzene, contaminated groundwater and even dangerous soil vapors. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) provides this helpful link to see Radon gas concentrations throughout the US. Radon has been a growing concern as scientists educate us on the dangers and effects of exposure. Regardless of whether your crawl space foundation is soil, gravel or even concrete, Radon and other harmful gases can make their way into your home if not properly protected. Exposure to these harmful VOC's can lead to respiratory issues, headaches, nausea, eye problems and even skin irritations.

How Can WhiteCap VOC Block Crawl Space Liner Help My Indoor Air Quality?

WhiteCap VOC Block is the industry's only true moisture, gas and vapor barrier. It is constructed of 7 layers of protective materials; 4 layers of durable, core reinforced tear resistant material, 2 layers of bonding material and 1 core layer of EVOH infused vapor and gas barrier sandwiched right in the middle. Marrying these layers together in a specialized laminating process provides one unique system that when installed in your home by a Certified WhiteCap Installer, provides all of the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation along with protection for your family's health. WhiteCap VOC Block Crawl Space Liner is 800% more effective at stopping dangerous gases and VOC's than the leading crawl space vapor barriers. WhiteCap VOC Block is also incredibly effective at preventing odors from prior sewage leaks, animal droppings and urine from entering the home. Other liners simply cannot do that.

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WhiteCap VOC Block Crawl Space Liner | Vapor Barrier

Product Features

  • Only true vapor, gas and moisture barrier in the industry
  • Stops soil gases, like Radon, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's)
  • Features an EVOH layer which no other crawl space liner has
  • Cord reinforced multi layer construction to resist tears