Drafty Crawl Space Repair | Missing Access Doors & Open Vents

High utility bills in the winter? Time to stop crawl space drafts

You might think a drafty crawl space is no big deal, but an unsealed crawl space, especially in the winter months, can have a major impact on your upper floors. As heated air rises through a home, cold air is drawn into the poorly sealed crawlspace through gaps and holes. If vent covers and crawl space doors are missing or damaged, or you have inferior fiberglass insulation in the space, you are at an even bigger disadvantage. Drafts and air leaks below your home will ultimately make for cold floors and drafty rooms above. Additionally, a crawl space left unsealed is an open invitation for unwanted moisture, mold, and nasty bugs and critters. 

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But you don't have to live with freezing floors all winter long or a nasty crawl space. Stopping outside air from infiltrating your home’s crawl space can greatly improve your overall comfort and indoor air quality. It will also help reduce your winter heating bills. Sealing the crawl space off completely with WhiteCap™ vapor barriers, adding our proper doors and vent covers, and using energy efficient closed cell spray foam insulation are the best ways to achieve a healthier crawl space and put more money in your pocket each month. 

A free inspection from your local certified WhiteCap™ installer is the best way to tackle crawl space drafts and air leaks. Let us put you in touch with your local contractor today!

Drafty Crawl Space Solution | WhiteCap Sealed CrawlSpace Encapsulation | Vent Covers

Drafty Crawl Space Solution | WhiteCap Sealed CrawlSpace Encapsulation | Vent Covers